burnt T.T


So I took up sculpting again!! I wanted to make these two critters~ So I went to phase 1!! Wanna see progress? Here~
(warning, the red one was a bit hard so I made the ears a bit larger than I should’ve XD) But it’s not phase 1 with no mistakes~

They take formmmm!! MY sister said it looks cuter without the legs xD But I think it gives it a nice touch…

they are… SO perfect… in clay form. then… I BURNT THEM T.T
Since I haven’t baked anything in a long time… I forgot the oven starts at 400 degrees… and its a long way to press down to get to 275… where its suppose to be at. But it was dark.. I was in a hurry.. and I guess I stopped it at 375… so when I came back in 10 minutes I found the oven smoking and these critters burnt really badly T.T All the details wiped out and hinnngg T.T I did try painting them.. but they arnt smooth and what not so I gave up. I’ll re-do it… and  better!!

And I was told not to burn down the house… >.> xDDD

That’s my progress regarding clay. Can’t tell what these little babies are? Digimons!!! Viximon and Gigimon. I really love Vixi~


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