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It ouch.

**Warning on a not so cute and kinda gross picture >.>


Okay its not as bad as it… seems? This is what happened to me after wearing those killer 5 inch heels for an HOUR. >.> Okay… an hour and a half. But it… yea that hurt. Like no other. And it still hurts. I think the shoe just scraped the skin off so its raw.. and raw skin? IT hurts T.T

Sorry.. Here’s a better picture~

It’s my friend’s doggie~ Cute huh? Very =3 Makes me want my nomnom more T.T Hinngg… I can’t wait until my brother moves out!! OR even better… when I get a legit reason to get out. >.> Though home is nice.

Okay… time for cosplay >.> 5 days left. Though at this rate I wont get the staff done… but is that.. so bad? xDD


Bunny flop


Hun Bun got a cute little towel thing where he likes to lay and sleep outside… He’s such a weird bunny… lol!! He’s cute. Hate how he is lazy to pee outside so he pees in the room =.= I mean not like its THAT bad.. at least he learned to do it on the newspaper. But Bunny pee is TOXIC T.T

Cosplay Cosplay Cosplay today. I tried to break in my heels. I failed =.= 2 blisters and some raw skin. All on my right leg, my left leg is perfectly fine~ So for AX I’ll be taking certain precautionary measures to make sure I don’t completely die in 2 hours.

PLanning planning planning already. I already put my esstential makeup in a bag and I’ll be doing a test run to make sure I can get my makeup right as well as make sure I have all the makeup in the bag.. lol!! My makeup seems to be around my dresser…

But today I got the rest of AB fabric and I finished the socks (finally!) As well as almsot the sleeves… I’m getting there T.T Multi tasking everything.. its a bish.

I kind of want to stop it all and call it a day.. llol!! or a week >.>



Cos Day =3


Cosplay Day today!! Okay.. it was more like prop day…. hence the picture.
Decent weather today too.. lol!
I can’t believe it 1 week before AX. Seriously freaking out. And I already backed out of the masq.. I shouldn’t have.. but I did. I’m just.. not ready. And I’m kind of a wimp. >.< If I don’t have full confidence in what I made and what Gee made for me.. I won’t do it. Cause I am not putting amateur work out there under kimikotan cosplay =.=

Anyhow! Ended up eating Sushi for dinner-ish today! That was YUMMEH. Somehow it turned out me and Hea were full and Gee.. well he’s never full so… anyhow. bill was.. $22… for 3 of us. Crazy right? It was very good though. I absolutely LOVE the fresh eel rolls… =33 Almost got 3 plates of it >.> But gee made me stop at 2.. lol!

OTher than that? I’m so on panic mode for AX.


It’s too close


What you see here is no longer!! I finally attached it~ That was actually kind of … fun o.o It was like putting together a puzzle! aha~

Lately my mom has been making me run errands for her. Like today.. I had to go search the house and office for her vanilla folder. Then I also had to drive her to get bread and fruits from the market. …. I mean I guess its not so bad. But its been this.. constantly o.o I think its cause I haven’t caused her any trouble lately lol! Yea, thats right.. I grew up T.T HINNG. Lol~

Okay. 8 days to AX. Am I panic-ing yet? Nope. Should I be? If I was doing the masq… I guess not this year either… I’m a bit disappointed cause.. I’ve been trying to get this ready for half a year. But you know what? I want to start with a smaller crowd… I don’t think I can take the… the… pressure of AX just yet. especially if I don’t have a solid cosplay (I’m talking about my partner’s as well as my wings not done) SO! I’m glad. NEXT YEAR. For sure. AX or AM2. I have to do it, if I don’t? Well… that’s not even an option =3 So I have ALA and PMX(?) to prep. Here I come =3


Hehe, hair~


I got new hair in Maple =3 Yea… cause when I did the Beauty and the Beast quest and I got the ugly Polly hair =.= If you remember from a past post.
Lovely thing about this? I used an exp coupon for it! You can’t jus pick it~ It’s all by luck and I got it on my first try! woot~!

I look kinda mean.. anyhow… I’m lvl 99!! Lol~!! hehe. 100 here I come~

Went errand running on my mom’s behalf. Spent more than an hour driving.. flippin =.= Oh well. I was annoyed at it at first but… I’m always kind of like that. It’s like the laziness I feel before showering and not wanting to do so, but after getting in the shower it feels soooo good. So after getting in the car I didn’t mind xD Plus mother paid for my gas.. lol!!

Oh.. im behind on cosplay now.. I’ll make up for it tomorrow~