Most annoying piece


Possibly the most annoying fabric ever. Seen it before? It’s used in …. wedding material I believe. It’s just this sheer polyester fabric that frays like no other when you cut it. Not just that but its slippery so you have to pin it every centimeter if you dont want it to move!!
I had to deal with this lately and … never working with it again. At least in large quantities.

Today was lovely though. Spent more money T.T My bank account.. so… sad… need.. to WORK! >.> So who wants a commission? Lol!! I’m actually kidding because commission don’t make me a lot of money >.>

Other than that? My mother has been nagging on my a lot lately about the cleaniness of the house. It think before I go to AX I have to do a pretty nice sweep of it. Even if my cosplay isn’t finished or done … well… apparently the house being clean is more important =.= (my mom put out the age card as well as the back talking ccard, lol!) UGh =.= I’m annoyed at it but I also know I’m the only other person in the family that WOULD do it. Dangit teen sister =.= all she ever does is stay on the comp cruising site. Isn’t that bad? >.> Comon kiddos, go learn a hobby during the summer!! Its more memorable and more fulfilling =.=


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