Archive | June 28, 2011

I swear he’s not dead


He really likes that towel… but today I say him scratching at it and eating the threading coming from it >.> Lol!! Maybe he really doesn’t like it.. I can’t tell.  In the left corner you can see some rose petals. He likes them… but not as much as fruit or cereal. But he’ll eat it xD I love seeing him sleep like this ~~ So CUTE! =3

Though today I looked at my ironer and I guess I left the cord down for a day and it has MASSIVE bites in it =.= He’s a take-over bunny =.= been VERY aggressive lately. If something is in his way he’ll bit him way through or toss it aside. >.> At least he knows what he wants.. lol!!

On a cosplay note: I worked all day today again, a day passes by so quickly now… 2 more days left. Time to rush it all! I apologize in advanced for the crappy job to come T.T

Also I lost like… 2 pounds… and have to try to get it back xDD My cosplays are made to fit me as I am… so I can’t gain or lose weight. And usually I don’t o.o I don’t know why … OKay I do. Home food is SUPER healthy and I don’t eat a lot of it because its kinda… blah. >.> Plus I’ve been working out each night and cardio every other day (ish) You know… summer stuff. Gotta move around more, wakes you up!

Thats a run down of my day.. oh and my mom keeps bugging me .. the whole.. why arn’t you working.. does this make money.. when am I done… it doesn’t look like I made progress… go shopping with me (aka lift things) …. yea. It’s all really exciting =.=