Archive | June 26, 2011

being healthy


I think I’m addicted >.> Mini wheats? They are such good cosplay food… Lol!! <3
I’ve been watching Freaky Eaters on TLC and I find it fascinating… Its how a little thing can affect someone sooo much. I’m glad my family is pretty healthy.. at least I believe so >.>;;

And its mini WHEATS. I mean honestly… not like its choco chip cookies. Or fruity loops. Its… WHEAT! how bad can that be >.>other than the sugar and blah balh blah. On other news…

LEVERAGE SEASON 3!!! Watched the premiere today =3 It was good~ Well.. okay… I was hoping for more fancy stuff but they took the emotional appeal. And it worked for me.. I almost teared up T.T

I did ALOT of cosplay today. I’m happy. Almost completely done with my rag and getting all the lining on Gee’s rag done. It’s not so bad… just a lot of tedious work T.T

I see hunny trying to get into my cearl box… NO BUNNEH, YOU DONT GET MY CEREAL ANYMORE =.=