Archive | June 25, 2011

It ouch.

**Warning on a not so cute and kinda gross picture >.>


Okay its not as bad as it… seems? This is what happened to me after wearing those killer 5 inch heels for an HOUR. >.> Okay… an hour and a half. But it… yea that hurt. Like no other. And it still hurts. I think the shoe just scraped the skin off so its raw.. and raw skin? IT hurts T.T

Sorry.. Here’s a better picture~

It’s my friend’s doggie~ Cute huh? Very =3 Makes me want my nomnom more T.T Hinngg… I can’t wait until my brother moves out!! OR even better… when I get a legit reason to get out. >.> Though home is nice.

Okay… time for cosplay >.> 5 days left. Though at this rate I wont get the staff done… but is that.. so bad? xDD