Archive | June 23, 2011

Cos Day =3


Cosplay Day today!! Okay.. it was more like prop day…. hence the picture.
Decent weather today too.. lol!
I can’t believe it 1 week before AX. Seriously freaking out. And I already backed out of the masq.. I shouldn’t have.. but I did. I’m just.. not ready. And I’m kind of a wimp. >.< If I don’t have full confidence in what I made and what Gee made for me.. I won’t do it. Cause I am not putting amateur work out there under kimikotan cosplay =.=

Anyhow! Ended up eating Sushi for dinner-ish today! That was YUMMEH. Somehow it turned out me and Hea were full and Gee.. well he’s never full so… anyhow. bill was.. $22… for 3 of us. Crazy right? It was very good though. I absolutely LOVE the fresh eel rolls… =33 Almost got 3 plates of it >.> But gee made me stop at 2.. lol!

OTher than that? I’m so on panic mode for AX.