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And it went POOF!

Desk #1 while I was working on Tomoyo’s headress pieces. PRetty messy no? I couldn’t do ANY sewing untill I finished all the painting. Cause.. well… its a small desk >.< But a desk is a desk and I’m grateful I even have it for all my sewing needs. (which right now my school stuff is piled on it cause school is basically taking over during the weekdays >.<)

Desk #2!! Basically after I cleaned it all and started to work on cutting, tracing, and sewing. It’s much nicer no? for the most part its like this now… I like a clean desk ^^ The white thing is the sewing machine over while the brown box hold all my clay things as well as wires and clippers. The reb bag behind that holds my phone charms and beads.. pearls.. all the things that are kind of loose? The white thing on the table is interfacing xD it was what I was working on at the moment.

Today was… fun? Kinda. Ish… I was wearing Gee’s colors xD And apparently I still blended in!! =.=
My group for writing .. ugh. Won’t… help. Like seriously won’t help. I am tempted to say I didn’t do anything and see what happens. Will the spazz and do it? Eh. I’m too worrisome to not do it, if anything I’m doing it for me and my friend, we need to pass the class!!

Gym was… honestly? Gross. Absolutely.. gross. Ended up doing more running because some guy has the WORST B.O. … ever. Like… you could smell it from a distance. It was so bad we actually left without doing all that we usually do. On the bright side … food? =3

I’m doing a lot of revamping with Kimikotan Cosplay, I’m actually doing it in class when I’m about to fall asleep xD So hopefully you’l see some changes soon!!


Hey there Mr. Taxi

So this isn’t the offical MV but…


It’s also absolutely hilarious to see me and Gee dancing it cause its so dang addicting =.= Arghtnhaetkjlhn aet.

OKay that’s it. Today? I did COSPLAY! And absolutely hate my econ homework. Absolutely. Hate. Econ.
At least I know one concentration I will NOT be going under.

Now im having a mini fight with a friend that refuses to … nvm.  I wont go into it. I don’t wanna talk about people on here. =.= Okay maybe just this one.
Guy A: Wants me to play a boring game.
Guy B: Wants me to read some mission letter of his..?
Guy C: Says I would be a bad client as I don’t appreciate and see meaning to certain work
Guy J: Is  being very entertaining with it all~ He’s a Mr. Taxi =3

Hehe, okay. Time to… sketch! Then sleep. I hope I didn’t forget any homework.. >.<


Cute trash digger~


Bunny butt was trying to eat paper out of the trash =.= He is SOO adorable. I still hate him for peeing in the house though >.>

I spent 5 hours today on COSPLAY!! which brings me to…

Dear Ragnarok cosplay,

Can you stop being so stubborn and let the needle pierce you? Promise it does not hurt that bad. Heck.. you’ll actually feel more complete!! But thank you for cooperating a bit. Time to work on the white part tomorrow then you’ll be so much closer to being done =3

Love, KT

Okay but really. THat wasn’t nearly as annoying as my laptop being DUMB. wireless button on my lappy deicded to not work. Then I couldn’t tell what wasn’t working. So I had to isntall something (and btw with no internet thats hard… lots of going back and forth on my bro’s comp) Then I found out it was WLAN again so I went back to get ANOTHER update. that DIDNT work =.= So… Gee said something about starting the compy in safemode with networking.. but I read a bit as instead I did the whole.. pressing esc in the setup . Then I went into the … ugh. The acroynm one.. OSB? BOS… Oh I don’t remember. Went in there.. playing around. Just resetted it to deafult. Continued. Went back and it works~ Do I know what I did? Not really. Does it work? Yes. Am I happy? I would’ve been happier with it worked FIVE HOURS AGO!

… but I’m good =3 got some things done.. time for some last minute homework before .. church. CHURCCHHH~ You know the whol easter thing. One thing I like about these religious holidays? Mommeh makes yummy food~ Had .. viet curry? Now THAT was good. With some fresh cut strawberries for dessert~

Okay.. I’m done spazzing/ranting/ complaining? Enjoying.


Buta much?


My phone background of Sica <3 Cute huh? Okay a little obsessive >.> … but its just cause Gee insists on changing my bg to Yuri and he doesn’t change it when its at Sica… I wonder why… =.=

Okay sooo today was interesting. I spent the morning having a hard time running up stairs. … That was bio lab. I believe we are doing our physiology module… which is okay. More work than the other ones thats for sure =.= And then I went to the GYM!
My gosh the gym… I worked out more~? it was nice… people are awkward and odd xD

MOCHILATO. Ohh… had 6 mochis today… oohh.. it was yummy =3 though it kinda sucks that.. it melts… >.< it is gelato inside afterall. But today’s customer service there was good~ I guess it was the wife and husband working did a little fight in front of us cause we wanted take-out but he forgot to buy more take-out boxes. So he took the blame and she had this cute-mad look on her face. It was awesome xD They were really nice, I love it there. See? CUSTOMER SERVICE matters. Speaking of customer service, join this facebook page yes? It’ll mean a lot to me <3

Then I spent like TWO HOURS at joanns. But I finally got Gee’s commission fabric. That’s.. gonna be fun. It was around $25. This was using all the coupons I had too o.o Crazy right? It seriously is. I mean normally that’s a lot for a cosplay but.. this is for the FULL Cosplay. Give and take the stuff I have, I hate to say this but he gets some special attention. He is the boyfriend afterall xDD But its fine, he’s also nicknamed my guiena pig. Buta much? =P Okay THAT was an inside joke.

I came home and finished gluing more Tomoyo stuff. My desk is now CLEAN for sewing work. I’m excited =3 I’m putting school work over this now.. I don’t know why.. I just feel liek doing cosplay!!



I thought this was.. cute but kind of sad o.o Since you don’t want it to happen but.. it DOES.
And its all pretty true.. xD

Though I’ve never really gotten into arguments. It’s more like.. I’m mad… and then I expect the other person to figure it out =.= I’ve gotten over that xD

Soo.. yes! Feel free to watch.

Oh and my shoot is postponed =.= Hinnngg