Love the curve


This was my grade for my law 2nd midterm. The blue part is what I got…
But 155 out of 155 turns out to be a 74% ish? And that is fine with me, I dislike law xD
Why am I posting this up? Cause I’m ECSTATIC!!
The professor always curves it to the whole bell curve (yay for learning that in stats xD) And he ended up curing it at 100… 100!!!!
How awesome is that? I got extra from it! (I hope..) And I didn’t do too bad ont he first exam either.. I think I got an A with the curve on that too… Man people in the class must do bad o.o But I don’t blame them. If you don’t read or attend class its REALLY hard. And I know I only did well cause I made flash cards and got Gee to quiz me =3 That helped sooo much <3

Okay. That’s one less class to worry about. time to OWN business writing and I’m good for this year =D Hey.. maybe I can even boost my GPA up this semester? I better be able to…

That reminds me on why someone fails classes. Okay.. that’s mean. I almost failed poly sci… there are just some subjects I don’t like. But lets take a business major. If you are a business major and are taking your upper division classes.. you should do well right? Nope, some don’t. Which brings to me to… there is always something out there to be loved. I love business a whole lot more than poly sci or history. I KNOW that. So I do well in business ^^ (give and take the writing portion). Now why major in something you don’t do so well in? I don’t understand it.. but I guess thats why people always do mid-major changes in college as well as mid life crisis later on in life. It sucks but hey, if you turn out to love it, why not?


PS. I leveled 3 times in MS today. =3 WOO! I also finished my obligatory homework soo.. from here on out in my weekend it will be filled with more MS as well as non-procrastination writing papers~

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