Music day! – Mr. Taxi~

MR TAXIII<3 Okay this song is INSANELY addicting… And the moves are really hard to do (I tried..? =.=) Me and dancing don’t really mix.. but if someone teaches me I’m okay? lol! Anyhow…

Lets see some good/bad points to this video:
1. Yuri is extra smexy in this. I like her with the highlights =3 And she has a nice butt >.> =3 You can see it better in the dance version though.. Lol!!
2. Sucks that the MV is barely any different than the dance version, I know they can do better… like Gee said.. ADD IN SOME SMEXY CARS!
3. Sica’s hand movement is SOO fun to do~ I won’t tell you where or else everyone will be doing it!!
(Me and Gee have gotten PLENTY of weird looks doing it out in public and honestly? It’s awesome =3)

Haha.. this is what happens when im home early on a Friday. I think I will either.. 1 go shopping (aka joanns and etc around there) or 2 work on some cosplay. Maybe shopping though… cause.. meh. Why not right? =3

Oh and I also like After School’s new song Shampoo. Not as much as like.. Going Crazy or Hoot… I gave those links as the live version to prove a point that… AS’s Shampoo wasn’t really good live o.o At least I don’t think so..? They don’t seem as strong as SNSD yet. Going Crazy still gives me shivers when I hear it live >.> And I STILL dance to Hoot =3 But Shampoo is.. okay. I can give it props for good bg music XDD


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