Too sweet


いちご は かわいいですね~

=3 Sorry kinda in my Japanese mode.. >.>
I feel very frilly today~ Skirt. Lace. Lace. A bit more lace… you get the picture xD
I actually need to go shopping for some black slacks as well as some nice sandel heels >.> I need something open toed just cause its starting to really get hot T.T I’ll ask my mommy if she wants to go shopping =D I haven’t done that in awhile… she also hasn’t bought me any clothes in awhile =.= But I know how to convince her =3

Okay Kimikotan Cosplay ideas have been flowing in my head. I need some more products to get what I want though so.. more time. More pictures. Crazy =.= But it keeps me entertained, I can say I always have something to do. For sures.

Today was… fun. People like invading space o.o
Annnd… gym was fun =3
and I fell asleep 3 times in class… and not like consecutively.. it was 1. a 3 hour class and 2. I have Gee talking to me. So I don’t see how I fell asleep at all o.o

Then my brother wanted food and we were just getting out of class sooo, I went to have in n out tonight. It was good. I wont be having a hamburger in awhile though xDD

and right now im being pouty =.= Which I DID vent.. but it was HEARD. if it WAS I wouldn’t be pouty anymore =.=


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