Archive | April 26, 2011

Color of Sakura~

So I haven’t went on a Shokotan crave for awhile… she’s been kinda… not anywhere lately o.o Okay thats not true. I see her on magazines still and there will probably be her voice in some anime sooner or later xD Anyhow! Above is.. I think its her sakurairo single..? I THINK its her newest one.. but when you search shokotan you don’t get much music. I guess thats the offset of being famous because of so many things…

Anyhow. point? Song is.. okay. Its nice bg music? I forgot I was listening to it after awhile. And I don’t like what she wears int he video >.> <.< >.< But I <3 shokotan!! =3 I still go onto her blog in class when im bored.. read some of it. lol!!

Oh here.. I remembered there was Sakura jam in the fridge that I never tried o.o So I opened it today!! It’s… sweet. A bit different tasting than other jellys. I like strawberry jelly more though.. xDD Sakura is.. okay. Its a bit watery. Not really jam-like substance on.. here’s a picture


You can actually see some sakura petals in there o.o It’s really cute. After I finish the jelly i’ll clean the jar and use it to probably hold something… hum.. who knows. Maybe pearls? That’d be cute =3 Pink and white pearls… Ohh!! IDea~

Which.. I have SO many ideas. I love that I’m taking these business classes~ I love business but.. argh. I hate it. I only like it cause I can.. make my own rules? =3

Today was a study day. I could only finish… an outline of a paper. Emails to groups. Reading half a chapter of law. Econ homework. And 80% of accounting homework. Oh. And I leveled in maplestory =3 (I only spent less than an hour on it!! >.>)

Now isn’t the sakura color so cute~? <3