Archive | April 25, 2011

And it went POOF!

Desk #1 while I was working on Tomoyo’s headress pieces. PRetty messy no? I couldn’t do ANY sewing untill I finished all the painting. Cause.. well… its a small desk >.< But a desk is a desk and I’m grateful I even have it for all my sewing needs. (which right now my school stuff is piled on it cause school is basically taking over during the weekdays >.<)

Desk #2!! Basically after I cleaned it all and started to work on cutting, tracing, and sewing. It’s much nicer no? for the most part its like this now… I like a clean desk ^^ The white thing is the sewing machine over while the brown box hold all my clay things as well as wires and clippers. The reb bag behind that holds my phone charms and beads.. pearls.. all the things that are kind of loose? The white thing on the table is interfacing xD it was what I was working on at the moment.

Today was… fun? Kinda. Ish… I was wearing Gee’s colors xD And apparently I still blended in!! =.=
My group for writing .. ugh. Won’t… help. Like seriously won’t help. I am tempted to say I didn’t do anything and see what happens. Will the spazz and do it? Eh. I’m too worrisome to not do it, if anything I’m doing it for me and my friend, we need to pass the class!!

Gym was… honestly? Gross. Absolutely.. gross. Ended up doing more running because some guy has the WORST B.O. … ever. Like… you could smell it from a distance. It was so bad we actually left without doing all that we usually do. On the bright side … food? =3

I’m doing a lot of revamping with Kimikotan Cosplay, I’m actually doing it in class when I’m about to fall asleep xD So hopefully you’l see some changes soon!!