Archive | April 22, 2011

Buta much?


My phone background of Sica <3 Cute huh? Okay a little obsessive >.> … but its just cause Gee insists on changing my bg to Yuri and he doesn’t change it when its at Sica… I wonder why… =.=

Okay sooo today was interesting. I spent the morning having a hard time running up stairs. … That was bio lab. I believe we are doing our physiology module… which is okay. More work than the other ones thats for sure =.= And then I went to the GYM!
My gosh the gym… I worked out more~? it was nice… people are awkward and odd xD

MOCHILATO. Ohh… had 6 mochis today… oohh.. it was yummy =3 though it kinda sucks that.. it melts… >.< it is gelato inside afterall. But today’s customer service there was good~ I guess it was the wife and husband working did a little fight in front of us cause we wanted take-out but he forgot to buy more take-out boxes. So he took the blame and she had this cute-mad look on her face. It was awesome xD They were really nice, I love it there. See? CUSTOMER SERVICE matters. Speaking of customer service, join this facebook page yes? It’ll mean a lot to me <3

Then I spent like TWO HOURS at joanns. But I finally got Gee’s commission fabric. That’s.. gonna be fun. It was around $25. This was using all the coupons I had too o.o Crazy right? It seriously is. I mean normally that’s a lot for a cosplay but.. this is for the FULL Cosplay. Give and take the stuff I have, I hate to say this but he gets some special attention. He is the boyfriend afterall xDD But its fine, he’s also nicknamed my guiena pig. Buta much? =P Okay THAT was an inside joke.

I came home and finished gluing more Tomoyo stuff. My desk is now CLEAN for sewing work. I’m excited =3 I’m putting school work over this now.. I don’t know why.. I just feel liek doing cosplay!!