Archive | April 21, 2011


I thought this was.. cute but kind of sad o.o Since you don’t want it to happen but.. it DOES.
And its all pretty true.. xD

Though I’ve never really gotten into arguments. It’s more like.. I’m mad… and then I expect the other person to figure it out =.= I’ve gotten over that xD

Soo.. yes! Feel free to watch.

Oh and my shoot is postponed =.= Hinnngg


Such a Biter


Nom. Nom. BITE!
Oh so this turtle was trying to eat Hea’s finger.. it was very entertaining =3 I wanted to get it just because of that lol!

Other than biting animals.. today I worked solely on cosplay.
And I Washed the car.

I’m suppose to have tomoyo’s headress done by now but I’ve been putting it off to work more on Rag.. and I think rag is more important!! So right now I have tomoyo’s headdress sanded.. painted .. kinda.  I have the beads and dangly things done. I mean the main thing left is to sit on the floor and cut as well as spray the base (Which I’m actually scared to do…) I literally spent the whole day on cosplay.. but its nice ^^ Cause it’s kinda relazing… just listening to music and doing stuff. Not like it takes much thinking.. its just… DOING

Though I did get fatty off hot cheetos.. I mean… normally I wouldn’t eat them just because they arn’t that great. But I like eating small things.. and these ones happened to be small o.o I mean size wise. So it was easy to munch on, and it wasn’t so hot.

Okay… time for more glue glue, cut. GLUE!