Archive | April 20, 2011

I need to nom

An old picture (ish)… I have a tendency of pointing out elephants…

Today was lovely… I woke up late. I’ve been doing that lately~
Almsot became a fail day!! Too bad too bad…

I… don’t remember much. Just a not-so-good lunch. An accounting class where I was the middle person, though on the bright side the two people that joined my group seemed smart and nice. The girl… I kinda know.. while a guy that I haven’t really seen before came up to us and asked if he could join. I think that takes guts o.o Since I know none of us talked to him, but he seemed decent enough…

Then I decided to get fussy about something xD I think it just festered up in my mind… not to mention I was sleepy and hungry. THat’s probably why.. It’s like PMSing just… not cause of biological its just cause I’m cranky without food and sleep >.> Ever try to wake me up early on my day off? I will bite. And not a good bite!! >.>

But it turned out all good~ I just need food in me and … okay mainly food =3

Time to go.. do something o.o iono what… I have full plans for tomorrow. Do I have to get ready for the shoot on Sat? T.T