Archive | April 19, 2011

Year of sushi~


今日は とくべつ 日。 たくさん すし を たべた~ おいし だよ~

Haii~ So as you can maybe not read (my japanese has gotten very bad). I got to see the sights of a new city, I really liked the place… >.> it had a HUGE forever21, I just couldn’t find anything I liked. I also saw that guys sections for 2 major stores were very.. small. Or even nonexistant o.o

Had some Sushi over at a decent priced sushi shop. I mean… for 2 people $20… I think thats good~ Cause at the sushi place I went to last time it costed like $10 for a full roll of sushi… okay maybe more like 8. But I need to eat 2 full rolls to get full? So… it would’ve been mroe expensive. But I really liked the sushi~ Mostly the eel..
I could’ve eaten more but that would be food coma status, I was full though~ =3
And the dynamite roll was weird o.o

And I got some cake =DD Mango mousse~? It was.. fruity… more to the liking of Gee than I. I would’ve went with something less… strong >.>


I have some more picture but.. I look funky in all of them T.T But I do have to say… Someone can look smexy in a shirt~ Or… I’m just a squealy girl that likes that kinda stuff >.> Don’t mind me.. I’ll be off in my corner =.=

Some good stuff!! I’m happy~ Now… can I just have today like.. everyday? =3

=3 Okay I’m done… >.> Kinda. =D Here’s a last pic of some sushi~


PS. I’m still wanting a bookmark. I think I’ll go on a reading strike till I get one thats yummy >.>



Can you tell how bored I am? I came to school to… Well to do hw and mainly to bug gee =3i believe he is I lab right now and is taking forever to finish… If hes rolling bacteria around…. Well then I hope he took a picture xD

Picture above is me being bored. I spent the last… 2.5 hours finishing accounting hw… Finishing bio paper, which was easy. I read a whole chapter for my management classs.. That was hard. And then I finished more bio hw and honestly? After all that I still have alot to do. But I need a break.. I hate getting to the point when your brain just stops functioning correctly xDD