Archive | April 17, 2011

No touchy


You see a picture of rag but…. >.>
I didn’t touch it at ALL today T.T
But I DID work on Tomoyo… I have that shoot this weekend and I’m completely forgetting about it cause I have a lot thats going on this week…
Finals are starting to creep up and that’s going to be especially stressful this semester just because … well its difficult o.o

Argh… so lets see this week for me..
I have to finish my resume, start on 2 group projects, finish tomoyo, and start on a ragnarok wizard cosplay. I HAVE to start on this next week regardless of my rag being done. T.T This point its just multi tasking and it’s quite difficult… oh well!!

Oh and I’m STILL trying to get a friend a guy… ARGHMTHMKT, I want to say its easy but it really isn’t. I mean… yea.. I can find any guy in my class and set them up but thats just not right. It’s like … why go out with the first guy that asks you out? I mean you coulld… but then if youre not completely satisfied (which at the time you might trick yourself into thinking you are) then once a ‘better’ guy comes along and entices you … well then what happens? Then you run off with him after stirring some drama. And poof… your with another guy.. and blah blah blah. But hey, some girls like guys that just… are not worth their time.

(sorry for the rant)