Archive | April 16, 2011

It’s not a llama


I watched a Guanaco for .. probably almost an hour? What is a Guanaco you say? Well let me start off from the beginning of my story.

I woke up WAY too early today cause … I just did. I went to the zoo today~ It was the 2nd part of my class trip, though this one was much more fun cause I went with Hea~ So I took this picture while we were observing our animals, I don’t even think she knows I took this.. xDDD


This baby is what we nicknamed Nacho =3 He’s cute no? He liked to lick himself >.> That’s how we figured out that it was a guy >.> ahaha… It was cute though. I spent a good 10 minutes spazzing about it, then I got bored cause it just.. ATE =.= But it’s what I have to write a mini paper on and by far the best animal I saw at that zoo. The zoo was known for its monkeys and… well… I’m not fond of monkeys at all. Except the white and black ‘skunk’ one. But I only liked it cause of its epically long tail ^^
Photobucket <— see tail? Thats only the bottom part of it. xD

Anyhow… that was all fun. Not so bad. Went shopping a bit afterwards cause.. well we both had time. It was good. I found a shirt but I wasn’t too fond of it. Even though it was pink!! >.> And like 7 bucks. But I’m not fond of racer back tanks… Oh well!!

Theres more that happened but.. Kinda lazy to go into it more. but here’s some stuff condensed:
1. scrabble is addicting and annoyingly fun
2. The pet shop lady lied about the pom not being a mix.. I know my poms.
3. Jamba juice is yummy~