Archive | April 15, 2011

So.. much… green!


Went to a Park today! I wish it was for a shoot but… I guess it was more like.. scouting for good photoshoot areas? That park.. not the greatest place for it. It IS a great place for me to get a horse and ride it though! =3

So I woke up early and drove about 40-50 minute to this park (it was for a class trip). It included a lot of hiking which I did not like… nor did I like the horse poop everywhere >.< Afterwards it was gross and sweaty and I went to the gym which by the time I got home I wanted to jump in the shower so badly. (but I didnt, I ended up eating and watching Gosick =3)

I did do a little shopping.. that was.. actually pretty fun. Tried on a smexy dress which… with pearls would look so great. But the dress was.. okay. It could’ve been better. I liked the idea of it though. I also am having trouble finding jeans =.= Sizes!! I can’t find the right one for me, its so annoying T.T

Anything else… mmm… more driving tomorrow. And apparently am2 is causing an endless “what if” battle between Gee and I. xD Cash or Japan? Pick.