Archive | April 12, 2011

Sweet as candy


I got these lovelies over at mitsuwa yesterday. … I’m surprised it even lasted a day xD They are GOOD. I really want to try the green tea ones now =3 They are individually wrapped and its yummy to eat cause the choco and strawberry melt in your mouth but.. differently. Anyhow.. I think I just love it too much. Not to mention it’s cute ^^ Gee got that really well-known hard candy.. those are good too~ I want more >.> guess what I’m raiding tomorrow? =3

I spent today.. kind of different. I have 2 exams tomorrow and I don’t feel ready but I think I can do it o.o weird huh. I studied… but I also watched that chick flick “dear John” It was.. honestly? Kind of boring. Like it was okay… but if I was able to work on my notes as well as watch it? Too much down time.. you know? Didn’t even make me cry!! >.> and im pretty susceptible to crying during sappy movies xD mostly disney ones… T.T

Then I also… ate… alot o.o I should stop but… eh… i’ll work it off tomorrow. I’ll work SOMETHING off tomorrow xD I was even able to squeeze in some gluing for rag… I love detail oriented cosplays cause I’m able to jsut do things here and there =3

Anyhow. I think I’m done for now… time to have a midnight snack then some last minute studying! I also have to be more careful… I was trying to make hunny pee in the yard where he’s suppose to and I must have looked crazy in front of the neighbors =.=


Sica devil

=3 Ohhh absolutely <3 Sica!! ^^
I love what she wears in this new run devil run japanese mv!! She wears a skirt~ And I almost bought something similar to it!! But it was SHORT o.o So … I decided against it. Even though it was like.. 7 bucks. Oh well, even for home it was short xD
I really love the lace and corset she wears… =3

Okay enough of me admiring her xD