Archive | April 8, 2011

Can’t.. RUN?!


Yea. That’s right. 13.8 meters! I wish I video taped it cause it was completely spam buttons and he never actually ‘ran’… in the end it was funny as heck… awesome.
What game is this? QWOP. here.

Anyhow… that was very interesting and frustrating at the same time.
Today was kind of fun though.
Got out of class early… went to the gym.. ended up not doing much annyywaaayss >.> Not enough to make me sore at least. Dang people in the physics room >.> Maybe next time.
Annnd… got boba and food!!

Ended up going home early cause of SOMEONE >.> I guess it sfine… more time to work on rag and what not. I forgot I needed to buy wires.. maybe I’ll see if I can stop by Joanns Monday…? Maybe even this weekend..?

Ha.. this weekend. Ohh… it won’t be as eventful as last year thats for sure xD