Archive | April 5, 2011



Haha… notice any difference in one of my cheeks? I know its not noticeable T.T But if you felt it you could feel it was swollen? …. xDDD Dang you wisdom teeth =.= It’s healing better now. It doesn’t hurt to eat.. but it hurts to open my mouth big to take big bites soo.. I guess it does hurt? xD

Ahh.. Today was kind of relaxing. Got some more games on my phone. Finished the book The Silver Crown, which my sister is reading now. I can’t believe she was so bored she actually wanted to READ! Then again… during my spring break I had the luxary of going shopping when I was bored… she? I’m gone for school, and if not I’m in front of my comp or a book doing hw >.< And my family is just everywhere, so it kinda sucks she’s kind of… home ridden? I think eventually she’ll crack and just go with my mom for fun. That’ll be funny to see.

mmm… What else………. ugh. I don’t know =.= Cosplay is staring at me in the face but school work triumphs. I also pulled out a white hair today.. I have ALOT now o.o Gee keeps telling me to stop stressing but… I have 3 months left. I’m so so sooo close in actually acing all my classes (and these are NOT easy classes) but I have so much to do with cosplay and planning and… I need help =.=