Archive | April 3, 2011


“Now go stand in the corner and think about what you did”

How sad is it that this is probably my favorite song by Taylor Swift? I mean I loved her Love Story… Fearless… Should’ve said no. But all in all, I come back to listen to this one. Yea.. not really a country song huh? xD

Too bad there isn’t a video for it… T.T

And normally I put up a video that pertains to my life or something… okay that’s not copmletely true. I put up whatever videos xD Mainly for the “omgsh im so bored” days and want something to listen to.. so I go back to listen to the music I like?

I haven’t had a guy stolen from me (at least I don’t believe so…. okay I can’t be sure about that.) But I probably wouldn’t take it really well. And I suppose if that ever did happen… 1. The girl got herself into a war and 2. is the guy stupid..? If that happened? Yea.


“She’s better known for the things she’s done on the mattress”