Today was brutal =.= School kicked my butt.

But some interesting things happened today. I realize how stupid I make myself sound xD I mean I really don’t mind. Theres a line between acting and actually being. Though at this point my grades are telling me otherwise xD

School was … fun. I love it~ Someone made the attempt to talk to me. It was an interesting conversation. I like how I can pin point the type of person someone is by a talk with them. Maybe someone did that with me too, who knows, it was interesting though. He talked a lot about the mysteries of religion. I hope I gave him some insight. I told him he’s making me think but.. honestly? religion has always been around for me and why do on doubting something I’ve believed in for so long. It isn’t hurting me to believe, and my mind is opened to new ideas. I think that’s what matters. Just don’t be closed minded to other people’s beliefs.

Anyhow. Boba withdrawals for a week is gone~
tomorrow is going to be brutal.


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