Pokemon Black and white comes out in EXACTLY one week!!!!
So so so excited for it =3

But before that day comes.. I have a week of midterms! Okay a day. But whatever.
Guess what? I decided to do less studying and look up the pokemon I want XDDD
Once again, I’m being mean and only picking pokemon that are cute. Then finding a common theme to name them all after… I’m thinking… gems? No that’s so girlie. (har) ……..cake flavors =3
Can you say.. Tiramisu?

Anyhow. Here’s some of the cute ones~

Gotta always start off with a started pokemon!! So cute right? Okay.. more .. elegant?

Done Pokemon whoreing =P

Okay.. I think it’s time to study. Gahhh… can’t.. can’t wait. To be able to NOT study =P And pokemon seems like the perfect reason to do not so =D



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