Cosplay.. math =.=


ARGHH!! Cosplay math makes things so much more difficult =.= This is me trying to do math… I mean I got it right. But I don’t like it. Soooo~~~ Time to go think of another way. I’m thinking a white board will help x3 And a little math genius >.>
Anyhow. I worked more on rag today. Watched Avatar while doing so. For the most part it went good? I mean… no needle poking at me. Didn’t get burned by the ironer. And I didn’t make a mess!! …… guess I didn’t work enough today xDDD

Oh wanna see some rag pictures? I finally updated on my cosplay blog. Find the link on the sidebar~

I also went on studying mayhem today. Mmm… finished reading about.. 3 chapters. 1 of business law and 2 of accounting.
wonderful right? Whoever says one subject is harder than the other is wrong =.= Business is still a pain in the butt. … but I love it~

time for a little more studying then.. MAPLESTORY! I know =.= I gained 2 levels this past week. This is only by playing at night btw. Always after 11. And I sleep at … ehh… 1 ish? It’s fun though ^^ lets of steam.

I’m slowly finding a good balance between school, homework, cosplay, and play. It’s really nice actually. I don’t like feeling stressed out all the time. It’s not fun >.< Plus, I don’t like what these white hairs are doing to me =.=


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