Archive | February 26, 2011

Mm… taco night


I had tacos today.. my mom felt like a taco mood I guess? o.o;;
But here’s the reult. I ate 2 of each shell >.>
And loaded on the sauce =.=

I feel fatty.. but it was SO GOOODDD!!! =3
For me not being so fond of mexican food.. anything that may be at chipotle is an exception xDDD


Coming back~


I’m trying to get into the habit of doing a little bit of cosplay work when I have days off >.< It’s also a good mindset off of all the studying I’ve been trying to do.
And you know what? After reading in my studies for awhile.. it starts to get interesting o.o Gasp I know right? Well … isn’t it better to try to make studying more interesting than fun than hating it always? I mean… its part of my major.. gotta love SOME of it right? xD

But I think I’ll be returning this blog back to its glory of cosplay work and the occasional food/rant post.

But today.. ugh. This top for rag is really annoying me. It’s cleaner than what you see above. but … eh. Still gotta add some interfacing and the gold strip. Then a zipper and a snap & hook. Oh. Not to mention some detachable straps… yea.. just a whole bunch of littl things >.<

So that’s my exciting cosplay life! …………. LOL!