Archive | February 25, 2011



Cup… cakes =3

Don’t ask -.0 It was a craving that I just needed to fulfill.
I got the red velvet with cream cheese that happens to be very popular. While Gee got this massive choco cupcake with choco everywhere o.o That… needed milk. Badly.

Both were.. okay. We got them from Patty’s Cakes (harhar) Very nice people, pricy. 3 bucks each. But one cupcake can probably feed two… so then its.. cheap? xDD Eh. whatever….
Then Had a little movie bash at Hea’s. That was fun =3 She made spaghetti.. which I was suppose to help with but… instead…
FINALLY watched Inception. But honestly? For all the hype it got, I expected the movie to be better.. like.. better better. It was.. good. It was! Maybe I’ll watch it again whenever I get the chance, see if I can actually watch it without a girl screaming over the wet actors or overal distractions and noises >.>

Driving home in the rain sucks too btw.. I hope it doesn’t rain tomorrow…

Next thing to watch: Shutter Island.
But probably after Midterm week. 4 lovely midterms in one day =3 btw? I only have 4 classes in one day… =.=