Archive | February 22, 2011

Sugar is .. GOOD!


This is seriously some good stuffs.. I blame Gee for getting me addicted to it =.=
It says energize on it too, probably explains why lately he.. me.. we? Have been more loopy than usual. Anyhow.

I got Raving Rabbis travel in time!! Ahhhh!~~~ The joy that brings… But I couldn’t play it a lot today T.T I spent doay “trying” to be productive. It uncluded me jumping around to different things a lot tho… like.. I started off with hw. I did some cosplay sewing work. Went back to hw. Back to cosplay work. Which… I have Rag’s wings and bottom skit all planned out. Like. actually o.o I actually did MATH! (gasp!) I say that cause I try to avoid it unless neccesary.. but I wanted to mesasurements to be exact =.= So guess what? 2[pi]r.

I also sugar loaded today. foreos (fake-oreos), sobe green tea. Girl scout cookies. Tw..ix…?
I am SO working out friday. That’s right. My lazy butt has got to move… eventually >.>