Archive | February 21, 2011

Monday = Productive?!?


Now you see the picture above… it’s purposely blurry? xD I don’t want to give away too much of Ragnarok yet =P
This is also one project I’ll be loosely updating/documenting on. Since I am planning on entering it in the masq… I don’t want absolute FULL details on it. So far I have the top cut out and just gotta fit it correctly and figure out where I’ll be putting tracks… …. details >.>

Today I felt VERY productive though ^^ Got most of the things I wanted to get done~
This includes…
1. Cleaning The room, ridding it of Hunny’s secret surprises everywhere. Out of the whole room I found 6 spots where he left his mess >.> I think it was cause of the rain on the weekend =.= Absolutely… hate… bunbun =.= Whatever.I bribed my brother to change my oil tomorrow so I don’t mind doing some housework xDD how.. typical. You know.. guy changing car stuff and girl cleaning the house -.- ugh. whatever. Easier work for me to handle honestly.
2. Shopping!! Went to joanns again. Bought a few supplies.. just stocking up honestly. It’s never there when I Really need it.
3. Target spree~ bought oreos >.> Had a craving… and soap!! Lol!!
4. Donuts. LOL! I had a dream last night of only being able to look and sample donuts but not able to buy them o.o So I went out and my sister bought us both donuts xDD
5. Homework =3 Gasp right? =P Less to do tomorrow!!

Tomorrow will be cosplay day… and probably movie day.