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how special


So tonight I’m at a wedding! Moms friend if you must know. Its… Pretty good o.o  one if their best weddings I have been to actually. So pretty. Here’s the center piece that my mom wants me to ask if I can take in the end lol!!! Ohhh.. Asians…

Its kind of boring tho… No one to talk to T.T all old people!!! -.- imma just go get fatty off all the yummy food~



Music can make you FEEL

When you’re feeling down, what music cheers you up?

Bonus: why do you think this music has that effect? What music do you prefer when you’re very happy?

Alright. As you can tell this is a post I’m deciding to actually do! (You know the whole.. post once a day… still. -kinda- trying to keep that up. Or at least schedule a post back xDD (cheating much?) time to get onto the prompt.

When I’m down… sad-wise I like to listen to rock music o.o Specifically the more upbeat and meaningful ones? Basically anything Gee gave me before I sucked him into SNSD XDD Skillet’s Hero has been nice to listen to…
Then again this kind of music is also my cosplay-work music!! Lol!! Don’t ask why. It just gets me to work.

Oh… and I hate it when I get into that girlie mood of being lovesick =.= I dont have a playlist that can cure it so I just skip songs.. .then it become like music skippage galore… But hey, that doesn’t happen often. I.. think. Nor does me being emo. xD For the most part. It’s either overly love songs or… songs that hate the guy! It’s good either way =3

When I’m happy? I like ANY kind of music =3 Maybe… Disney?

Love the links? Yea.. they’re in there. Go clickage~