Archive | February 14, 2011

Crepes Day


Rawr =3 Happy V-day again~
Something REALLY good that came out of today? Gee fixed my backspace key by getting a.. nail.. clipping out from under it o.o That would.. honestly explain so much… I also took out a fluff from the f key so now its not so annoying while I play MS >.>

Ah! Anyhow to the good stuff?
Lovely V-day was fun. Crepes. Basically food coma =3 Oh, and seduction becomes fail in about… everything. xD entertaining stuff there.

I gave out my chocos today.. oh that was so interesting to see people’s faces!! I’ll make the differently next time~ Maybe… or just give people a glass a milk.

In exactly a month is White Day. It’s the day guy’s are suppose to give the girls that gave them chocos today… chocos. So. March 14th, I’m expecting chocos. Or something od that sorts at least xP Oh and thanks to Hea for the choco raisins! Those were sooo yummy.

Untill then…. /pouts =P


So cliche


See now I’m just trying to win brownie points with everyone =P
Last night I decided to be really giving and make chocos for friends, family, and people I like. Its pretty rare that I cook what so ever but… Honestly.. It was kinda fun o.o okay… I also got my sister to do most of the dirty work xDD but lets not go into that… Hey. She lives to cook anyways. 

Arnt they a beauty though? Sweet little things. I seriously hope someone doesn’t die from my cooking xD. Next time imma try it with either a mint or white choco coating… Right now these little ones yate to much like a.. Brownie.

Anyhow.. I hope v-day is starting out good for everyone. I think its a day of loving yourself as well as the ones close to you. So even if you don’t have that significant other to spend it with. Give a treat to a friend. No friend you like? Give a treat to yourself!! XDDD

Maybe I’m just in a good mood.. (just took a quiz… I think I did fairly decent ~)
Toodles till later!