Archive | February 11, 2011



Sooo cute right?!?
Today felt like… break almost o.o Spent a few hours in lab. Then went off to eat!
Which.. now that I think about it… ONLY consisted of basically getting food… Cause lets see… we went to Boba to… get boba. Then headed off to joanns to spend $1.50 on foam. Then .. oh look, to the mall to get Mongolian bbq!! Spent a little bit of time a the mall then headed off to Micheals to search for… whatever. Which by that time my feet were almsot blister status o.o Thats what happens when I try to break in such hazardous shoes >.<

But I’m glad~ We saw this SO adorable husky puppy which I bet Gee is tempted to kidnap on the spot xD I mean I guess you know who’s a real dog person when the dog can like instantly bond =.= I couldn’t find my nomnom!!! I want my nomnom >.>

Oh the fun.. oh! And green tea at starbucks? <3
Oh!! And Sobe green tea!! <33

OKay… im done. At least I’m not as loopy as a little virus there >.>