Archive | February 9, 2011

I cried a little inside


Apparently a certain someone likes to take advantage of having my laptop while I’m gone >.> Anyhow.

Today a I died a little bit inside… see all the paper above?
So… much… wasted.

It’s all actually part of a “project” in my econ class. Though normally its suppose to be done in smaller groups, not of a class of 40. >.< So all those papers are paper airplanes crudely made in a hurry because when you divide the class into two groups… there is going to be a competition >.<;; You jst know it. And the other team? Cheated. The dude in front of me? Cheated =.= He’s like “they’re cheating so whhy can’t we?” Cause… someone has to play fair, even if it means losing, you played fair!! Playing fair and winning through strategy and smarts, that’s how I want to win~

Anyhow… all the paper wasted… should’ve been more but I … well I tried to get them to stop. IT worked~ hey, it wasn’t just me though!! You know whats gonna happen to all of those papers? Trash.

And that’s what I did today… =.= College. I made paper airplanes for 40 minutes and then class was over. How I love it =3

(If youre wondering… prof was sick so he made us do an activity instead of lecture…)




Here, have a post from school =D. Word press got invaded by a certain someone, so readers…please excuse this interruption from your usual broadcasting! We will return soon after these messages.