Archive | February 5, 2011



If you’re thinking “What is with the picture..?!” It’s just what I wore under my Shuffle cosplay xD Cause … it’s always good to wear an extra patch of clothes underneath xD At least it has the same color scheme? ^^;;

Sorry for the rant-like post yesterday. >.<

Today though! Today is Saturday. And it is a nice one at that. I stayed home and watched a lot of suspense filled episodes of DollHouse season 2. Then I read for school o.o Gasp! I know right? It was actually interesting…

I also took Shuffle uniform off of my Dressform today. Going to pack it up and not touch it for awhile. Probably never again o.o Or maybe I’ll sell it for like… $2o. I’m completely serious too. Only problem is that… I have no idea who can fit it. lol!!Maybe a kiddo… xDD

And lets see… Oh. Watched a lot of korean MVs today. They entertain me xD I have a voice in the back of my head naggy me to get things done but, eh. Procrastination wins in the end. For now… untill later tonight where I’ll be threatened with no boba privileges for a week if I don’t get these patterns drawn out.

Next week btw, hopefully I’ll have a surprise of some new designs. trying to get my creative juices flowing you know~