Archive | February 1, 2011

Bursting bubbles


I should try MK’s smile… xDD

Anyhoww~ Today was… such a long day o.o Probably because I didn’t have much homework. Ever have that day? It’s just… was too cold to get out of my blankets so I stayed in today and watched leverge. Played Cake Mania. Annnd… Did a video!! So I have to remember to put that up….

Mmm… mmmmm… boring day o.o The whole getting ready for valentine’s day is kinda dead at this point. I mean getting ready selling wise!! Should I address it as single awareness day..? lol! SAD =P

Thennn. I was thinking today… how I lost contact with so many people because they refuse to talk to me now with Gee >.> (thanks alot) Then theres some selects that talk to me MORE because of it. Now I can’t really tell whats up. Some ignore me. Some talk to me more. The ones who ignore me probably … well they have thier reasons. The ones that talk to me more either feel like they can relate to me more orrr… oor… think a girl that is out of thier range is a challenge. which.. sorry to burst their bubble.. no wait. not sorry =D

So thats my rant for the day I suppose. I really want to make a dress tho…. I wish I had a larger supply for cosplay= .=