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Herm is my fave~

Saw Harry Potter 7 Today =3
It was good!! I liked it alot. I absolutely ADORE Emma Watson.
She’s really a fabulous actor o.o Like.. I’m surprised she could play the part really well.
I may have another girl crush now =P Jessica will always be on top though~

Watch it if you haven’t already!! =3


Insanity shopping


That’s right. You see it right!! THIS IS IT!!! =3333
I thought of this  purchase as an investment…. it was $100 o.o Joanns. And even though it’s probably the biggest thing I’ve ever bought for myself. I justified it by saying it’s for my commission business xD Good enough? It better be >.>
I absolutely do love it thought!! =3 It’s actually.. a bit big. Like… all of my measurements are smaller than it by about a inch to half an inch.. I kind of … glad? But same time.. not.. because I want it like me xD Hey.. at least I don’t have to adjust it? I think.. I don’t wanna mess with it too much. I <3 it =3 It’s a friend I bought for my sister LOL~ She likes it ^^;; I just give it new clothes and poke pins into it

This is what I woke up at 5am to get this morning. Oh how much I love black friday =.= I also got a pair of flats (Yes! Flats! They were cheap XD) And also skinny jeans o.o I know right? Well.. I hope they fit. I.. kinda.. tried them on? I was in a hurry. The whole store was 50% off! I should’ve bought more. Ohh… I wish I bought more. But I’m gald I didn’t because I really need to save money up. Phhhsshh.. nvm. I don’t need to save. I need to make o.o I’ll get there. I will…

Bright side? Today felt SOO long I did everything in one. I shopped. I napped. I ate yummy food. I sewed my dress (finished alot o.o) Did some clay work. And watched 3 episodes of Charmed and 3 episodes of What Not To Wear o.o

Wow.. I did alot. I feel accomplished… Time to start it all over again tomorrow!!! … !!!! … =.=;;

Shopping was harsh. People are pushy. People are bump-ish. And the lines are so crazy I was about to make my sister become a distraction and I would cut the line xD And I found it funny to see so many groups of guys in H&M buying clothes together (go figure it was aLOT of asian in there, lol~) Then there was the group of girls in front of us that were talking about their bfs and how … they have to dress them? I mean why else would they be at H&M Men xD

One thing I regret.. is not buying those boots.. TT.TT It was about $20ish bucks.. but I didn’t know if it fitted lenne really.. ARGH. Its okay.. its okay.. I’ll get them after christmas.. but I do NEED them before Jan… ALA!! Rawr.


Food coma day

No pics~ Why? Don’t wanna make you jealous =P

Today was good~ I liked it ^^
Woke up kinda early… my mom woke me up =.= went back to sleep xDD Then.. played some DWE6~ hehe… so addicting!!
It was by lunch time things went bad-ish…
My cousin who came down for Thanksgiving got a stomach flu or some sorts.. so she was throwing up by dinner time >.< Phooie.. and she came all the way down just for the food. What food you ask?
Potatos + gravy
Special noodles
Some.. other… side dishes… o.o;;

Basically the crab was the best ^^ Mmm.. .crab. I got so full eating it all. AND AND! You know my whole no-soda rule? Well… I had sparkling apple cider~ Oh yum~ Closest thing I had to soda in a LONG time o.o Tasted weird. But I loved it ^^ I mean really.. APPLE JUICE!
Then we took her back to her apartment… >.< I felt so bad for her. Oh well, we gave her a crab to go home to~ xD And LOTS of soy milk! So she should be happy with that ^^;;

Other than that? I have most of my pieces for my dress cut out~ The commission is sorted out for a later time. And if everything goes out as planned.. I’ll be able to have an awesome AX =3 And ALA is coming! But I’m not AS excited.. I’m not sure why. Probably because I don’t wanna drive xDD And because.. I dunno.. things change. People change? >.<;;

Hope everyone had a good thanksgiving~


Sock season


What I love about fall/winter.. is that my thigh high socks become my new best friends =3 They go with all my skirts and I can wear boots or my normal heels with them! More awesome? I think they work the same as jeans so… I likes ^^ People always think I’m cold but honestly.. they keep the body heat in. except for the little strip of skin you see, but that’s not much.
Iono.. it has just.. always been what I love to wear. I don’t do it for the attention, but because it has always been … me. =3 Like bows! And frills.. any anything that’s cute in my eyes~

So today started off very productive. I cleaned. I worked on the dress~ I’m glad. And… I watched Charmed!! Cause its so dang addicting >.> I need to get in the habit of making charms again. I miss it~ But it’s kinda messy… oh well. I’ll find a way to bypass that later. I will!
Oh did I mention Gee got me addicted to a game today? I beat it btw. Didn’t take THAT long. It was fun though ^^


I consisted of dominating over the world using zombies. I do have to say.. int he end I was having a lot of fun. It’s a great stress reliver xD

Oh and Kasu came by today to drop by some Curry and mash potatos.. yum. Curry was actually really good~ The potatos… was a good filler food? Butter.. lots and lots of butter. No cheese. I thought I had some, . didn’t! Oh well. Hope everyone had a good day today. Nice relaxing yea? xD