Archive | November 29, 2010

2 weeks too long


Haha I love how I can no longer do a paper if it’s full screened xD I always need something taking up the other half. In this case? An article.

There’s only 2 weeks left of Fall semester. I just.. .can’t believe it. Why is time flying so quickly? It’s crazy.
So for the next two weeks what I’ll be trying to do is more quantity of posts but they will be shorter. And probably be of only one or two topics. Seems better right? For who knows who reads this blog anymore lol!! I don’t see why someone would, it is kind of boring. I don’t have any drama going on. Heck.. for those who know me close, I love to make drama =3

So for now. I shall go back to work on this paper. But I’m electrofied!! (eh?) Yea… frizzy hair day from wearing my static y cardigan xD
Paper. Paper. Assign. Homework. Mini test. All wed. Not to mention a mini shoot? I just LOVE being busy xDD