Such a perfect world


Cool huh? ITs so.. so.. BIG!!! =33
It’s the game Perfect World.
Granted this world isn’t so perfect if the only way to look cool and be better is to kill monsters… are monsters suppose to be alive in a perfect world? Oh welll~ I LOVE the mounts~ This one is one of my favorites. but I have to say my ultimate fav is on my priest~

Look at those beasts… hehe. I like the serph wings better but.. you get the idea~

But instead of catching up on homework and doing my sewing work.. I was playing this with Gee =.= Its.. so.. addicting… -.-
It’s like ragnarok I swear xD At least I stopped playing that xDDD

Well we started to play this game because video games have the BEST cospalys (epic wise) Soo.. I’m into gamming mode =3
I did start a new anime today too. Well.. continuation? It’s the second season of Letter Bee called Letter Bee REverse. I’m happy~ Almost caught up in it ^^ Got to episode 7 today~! hehe.

Okay thats about it. Time to play more


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