Money… hurts


I’m smiling.. I really am!
But inside… It hurts. What hurts? That in the past 2 days I spent more than I spent probably in total last year… Shopping wise. xD
(so not including food money)
I… don’t know how good this is for me xD I’m glad I have to nerve to do so though. Just because in the past I have always been afraid of it. And slowly.. little by little with all the purchases I have become immune to the spending xD Hey. At least I’m not addicted. I bought all my items out of necessity. Ish.. Today I paid for my bro and sis’s movie tickets >.< Just cause I had to. I’ll get reimbursed for it later xD Hopefully……

That’s my big news. And Joanns must LOVE me. I seriously spend more than 75% of my money there =.=


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