Archive | November 24, 2010

Sock season


What I love about fall/winter.. is that my thigh high socks become my new best friends =3 They go with all my skirts and I can wear boots or my normal heels with them! More awesome? I think they work the same as jeans so… I likes ^^ People always think I’m cold but honestly.. they keep the body heat in. except for the little strip of skin you see, but that’s not much.
Iono.. it has just.. always been what I love to wear. I don’t do it for the attention, but because it has always been … me. =3 Like bows! And frills.. any anything that’s cute in my eyes~

So today started off very productive. I cleaned. I worked on the dress~ I’m glad. And… I watched Charmed!! Cause its so dang addicting >.> I need to get in the habit of making charms again. I miss it~ But it’s kinda messy… oh well. I’ll find a way to bypass that later. I will!
Oh did I mention Gee got me addicted to a game today? I beat it btw. Didn’t take THAT long. It was fun though ^^


I consisted of dominating over the world using zombies. I do have to say.. int he end I was having a lot of fun. It’s a great stress reliver xD

Oh and Kasu came by today to drop by some Curry and mash potatos.. yum. Curry was actually really good~ The potatos… was a good filler food? Butter.. lots and lots of butter. No cheese. I thought I had some, . didn’t! Oh well. Hope everyone had a good day today. Nice relaxing yea? xD