Archive | November 17, 2010

You got 2 stars



Today was… really interesting. Actually. Relaxing! For the most part. Out of the 5 classes I have… I ditched 3. When 1 was let out early so… I really only went to one class o.o why? Cause all the others I knew what was happening and my head felt… very heavy today. It still does actually…. like… if I bend down to get something it hurts and I get woozy… Then .. I don’t know. It’s such a bad feeling though. Wish I did take a nap but.. ah.. bad? Yes. xD

My friend persuaded me to go to school tomorrow too. So that’s where I’ll be. It shall be fun. I haven’t been out with… other people in awhile? I mean.. yea me and Gee go to a lot of places together, but we like having interaction with other people xD I’m not the one to ditch friends for the guy anymore. I learned that lesson from HS. And you know what? Imma stick to it~

Didn’t work out today. Bad. Bad. bad. Maybe I’ll do that tomorrow? Get to school early… work out a bit. See what I can do just to wake up and.. hopefully get this stupid headache off me. Hopefully a good night’s sleep will do the trick. No more caffine for me either. No coffee. At least not untill…. after break. Then I can start up again on occasional coffee in the mornings ^^

Project “Color” (yea I named it that) with Gee is going.. eh. Decently? It’s getting there. I’m excited because.. it may actually go through nicely o.o and if it does? omgsh.. the rewards… will be all worth this headache xD Then.. then… I mean. … I’ll… be very. very happy.

Oh!! Awesome news too? Someone wants a commission from me ^^ Crazy right? I mean.. I know I have skill but.. I’m still doubting if they are … enough to make OTHER people’s cosplays. >.<;; I’ll try. I may take it, I may not. Depends on when they need it by. This week and next is full. This week, Color project, Lenne. Next week (I mean week after Thanksgiving), I have 3 papers dued sooo… no sewing done there xD

Oh Lenne!!! I found what type of fabric it was. Now I have to look for the right color. Sucks right? Oh well. And a Kinko’s ride today too. Meh. Girl was kinda… like indifferent? Gee pointed out a flaw in the picture and all she said was “oh that’s the toner being weird, there’s nothing I can do about it”. I was thinking.. yes. There is. It’s called.. use a different printer, give me another copy!! For that, I give you 2 stars Kinko. That’s right. 2 stars.


DW Empires =3


Cute ne? My 2nd character on DW empires =333 hehe. I’m happy about this one~ Purple! Cause they don’t do pink >.> and my first char had the only pink in it, sooo.. gotta do something different. Therefore, she became the royal ruler, I named her Sica xD Why am I putting this up now? I finished that game with her ^^ Time for the second one! I am aweessommeee with a bow~ Pure. Awesome. Why? It’s more challenging. Too much hack and slash with other chars. I like being able to jump around and all. It’s fun ^^

Anyhow. Gotta finish some homework. Toodles! I’ll play more DW tomorrow!!