Archive | November 10, 2010

hey… surprise!


Today was quite interesting~ I went to school today! Why? Because I didn’t have to drive xD And soo.. I had JUST woken up and ate a bit. Threw on some clothes and went! Took just a brown pencil eyeliner to do in the car too.. I was thinking about not putting anything on, you know… showing my natural side~ But… I would only if I was wearing my glasses … xDD; I also wore my sister’s red coat… It was warm~

The picture.. I took my brother’s sunglasses. Since it was his car we took. They.. didn’t do anything!! Not really SUNglasses… just made you loook cool? I like my purply-pinkish ones more =3 hehe.

Got to school and *kinda* surprised Gee~ I know everyone else was like o.O xD But I think Gee got that I was gonna be there from my text messages… It was… a tad bit akward I do have to say when my brother got there. I could tell the look on his face when he saw Gee.. ohh… that was funny =3 Worth waiting 20 min in the car for~ And my brother got me boba afterwards ^^ I ended up spilling it later though >.> and I drank it outta the cup directly. IT was weird. Trying to get the boba with your tounge… >.>;;

Then.. I also got to finish choco love. It turned out.. okay. I think it would’ve been better with different fabric.. that’s for sure. But. Oh well. I think it’s decent for my own creation you know? Gotta finish the red one to finish my minimum amount for my winter collection… then I have to go back to cosplay~! More pictures on that.. tomorrow!! And. I finsihed most of my acct hw ^^ Annnnnnnd….. and? And. And… talked to an old… friend today. It was.. interesting. Unfortunately I remembered some parts of the past that I may not have wanted to unearth… but oh well~ It doesn’t take much effort to forget it again~ xDD

And now.. Gee is bothering me about playing a new mmo… I’m kinda lazy to play. Wait. No. I want to play. But I don’t want to neglect my cosplay/sewing/video work!! Yea. That’s right. (add charmed in there too.. and charms!) Sooo… here’s the deal. Put up your commissino work and I’ll play~