Archive | November 5, 2010

Fail packaging


I really.. like my seaweed xDD Though see the clear part? Yea. They forgot to fill it!! faillll xDDD
I seriously dunno if eating so much of this is good for me…
Which for a whole week of barely working out and then I also at the most fattiest foods this week… I feel… REALLY bad inside. But it’s okay!! I’ll be a bum this weekend and… go to wushu monday. Practice more Wed. And hopefully have a very productive day friday =3 I’m looking forward to the end of this coming week. why? Well for one, all my midterms will be done! And I’m really happy. =3Also theres’s veterns day thursday.. who knows what i’ll do.

Oh today? Friday! A bit different. I kinda got mini sunburnt because I forgot to put lotion on my upper half … like… my neck area… fail =.= so a little oval from the tanktop to my neck is a bit red. Fail right? I know. Hate the hot weather.

Looks like my dreams and goals are starting to register in my head. Only so many more years left. You know… as you grow older, time goes.. faster. I remember back in HS where a year felt FOREVERRR. Looking back.. it still felt long. And here I am.. breezing through college and I WANT more time. I really do.

I had coffee with hot choco this morning! It made me so hyper =3 I think I did good on my econ midterm too~ Yay right?

Oh!! I also uncovered and started again on an old cosplay I started about… over 7 months ago? Long time right? Good thing im good with organizing my cosplays! OR else it’d all be … everywhere. So I’m glad. Taking a break from making the dress, I like switching back and forth. Gives me something.. new to do. Kinda like.. hmm.. switching from drawing fan art to an orginal? xD Sorry.. been on dA too much.

Alrighty. Time to do something more productive