Archive | November 2, 2010

I complain


Aha.. I still.. flippin.. have this nail polish on! IT wont come off!! I need her acetone for it =.=

So Today was chill…. watched more Charmed. =3 It’s getting intense… Gee was right >.> Dangit.Then I also studied… finish my homework..

Then…. then what? Oh.. There was something really really wrong with me today. Suddenly while skyping I just bursted out laughing and.. couldn’t… stop!! >.< IT was werid. Today I also kept eating.. and eating. I ate ALOT today o.o But I never got full! It was annoying. Drank a lot of milk… ate a lot of seaweed.. and spaghetti… -.- Ohhh.. gotta work out for sure tomorrow..

I didn’t do any choco love!! T.T Dannnnnng. You know why? I blame it on church. Went to church today >.> I had to T.T I was being all pouting about going but… I’m like that with alot of things….
ex: I need to shower but I’m too lazy…
ex: Homework? Ugh. don’t wanan grab my book
But see… I complain and pout but… once I actually start it, I don’t mind and all my annoyance usually goes away~ So sitting in chruch wasn’t bad at all, just turned off my ears and thought about stuff. Same with showering.. that’s why my showers are like 30 min long xD I like the hot water? =3

Anything else worth disclosing here? Meh, not really. Last night I did draw up 4 more designs I want to make. They were just flowing outta me o.o Im happy~

Think I should do commissions? =.= I feel as though its wasted time…


Asian suicides o.O

I read a post today from my school’s site about Asian suicide o.o Crazy right?
But it makes sense to me… Here’s a part of it:

Girls are more affected by family pressure than boys, she said. They are expected to be the “perfect mother, daughter, wife and get only As in school and choose the right type of job.”
Besides family pressure, there are other factors that contribute to the high suicide rate of Asian American women, including social alienation, sexism and racism, Noh said.
The stereotype that Asians are smart and always do well at work, at home and at school also can lead to depression, she said.
Noh said her sister thought she was ugly and got plastic surgery to make her eyes and nose appear more like the white women she grew up around in Houston in the 1970s and ’80s

I mean.. its true that some families that are extremely traditional … the parents go overboard and the children are afraid to speak out to them. You know those talks about being disowned. I’d rather work really hard than be.. disowned o.o

Personally, I don’t think I have ever had the depression. xD;; But I think it’s because I know there is more to life than just grades. But I DO hate my mom always trying to make me be the perfect house cleaner and cooker and all. But that was all before, you just have to learn to stick up to your parents and give them a good reason to stop hassling you. Cooking for me? My mom stopped trying to get me to cook, hey, it’s something that is not my specialty. Home decorating or .. sewing even. Yea. That’s what I can do xD Visually pleasing aspects~

Anyhow. Just thought I’d share something I thought was interesting. Don’t let other people get to you, that’s all.