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It broke!


I know the picture is blurry.. but remmber the hello kitty golden bag I bought start of the semester? Yesh. It broke!!
(I guess that’s what you expect from China!) But I suppose it also wasn’t expected to hold such heavy stuff! Aka.. my fatty laptop. Folders. Cord. Wallet. etc. My bag really was heavy o.o Next time, I’ll be sure to be more careful. But for now, it’s going to sit at home and rest untill I can fix it up. (Hand sewing?!?! Ugh)

Anyhow. All I did today was study!! Okay… I did watch some Charmed >.> SEASON 4!!! =333
Yea. Watch leverage. I’ll put up a link later =D

Anything else? mmm…. I’m addicted to eating seaweed o.o


Dragon is yummy.


At first… I really didn’t like my nails. AT ALL. Look at it!! My sister thought it was a pink dalmation gone wild =.=
but you know what? I think it finally grew on me. I learned to accept it. Why? Because I was able to twist it into something awesome. Actually.. I twisted it into one of my favorite fruits!! =3

Yes. See the resemblance? Kinda..? xDD So now everytime I look at my nails it reminds me of food =DD Oh and my cousin has her nail test in 2 weeks so she’s practicing on everyone in the house xD I get stuck with the whacky experimental designs. I don’t mind~
On the other hand… Gee got a haricut. Umm… Let’s just say its already in the awkward stage and there will be no pics of him for awhile xDD Though I do think someone was being a bit mean to him during lunch. Probably not on purpose. Probably out of.. I guess good intention? But if the person already knows the haircut is bad, why rub it in their faces right? It’s already happened to me back in HS and I really hated the feeling. Why bash when you can jsut imrove~?

Oh! And it seems as though my bad luck catches onto someone =3 It’s nice. If I’m having a bad day… I hate to say it but I like being selfish and hope other people’s day are on the same level. At least the emo corner is warmer~ And when everyone is happy.. well it’s even better! More people to enjoy the joy with~

Alrighty. OTher than that? 1 class canclled. Slept. Gym. No wushu practice. Ate. Homework? Oh. And the icky part is, I can’t shower tonight cause my mom decided to unmold the bathroom T.T I can’t stand the smell AT ALL >.< And I’d rather go tonight without showering and wake up and shower rather than go in there with the chemicals … I mean.. it can’t be healthy for you. And health is important!!

That’s my little post for today~ I moved back to my sewing desk cause of midterm week(s). Hopefully it helps. I really do want to finish Lenne.. I need a shoot! Or I’ll bust out Clannad or something xD


don’t squish


This week and next week is basically midterm week for me. Tomorrow I have wushu practice too. Wed I have a paper and my dreadful accounting midterm. Therefore, today all I did was accounting study guide and writing my paper. I only have 2 pages done, 3 more to go!

But who wants to hear me complain about school, really.
So untill something more interesting (that I can remember and disclose) comes along, I’ll be sure to write about it~ =3

Untill then. Oh great Totoro, don’t squish me under your lumpy butt =.=
(squish as in overload. Butt as in work? xDDD)


Sore or not?


We bought rock candy =3

Anyhow… Middle of the day post. Why? Trying to catch up on ALL the posting I need to get done >.< Including my cosblog.
I woke up this morning feeling pretty great. Well… I ended up sleeping around 2? I wasn’t sure. I remember just getting in bed and said to myself “I should wait for Gee to get home safely first..” Cause when I was getting on the highway I saw a really bad crash near school >.< Like.. it JUST happened cause there was no police there yet. The guy’s bumper was completely off and sparks and metal everywhere o.o It was really scary to see. On that note, I also saw someone get pulled over on the way home as well as some very scary cars swirving and going like 90 o.o Sooo… that’s why I don’t like driving near midnight. Shouldn’t do that too often you know?

Oh wait, back to my point. I waited for him but I ended up sleeping xD And somehow I woke back up like 20 minutes later. Texted him. slept another 10. Woke up. And he finally texted that he was home. And after that I basically slept like a rock =D I don’t see how I woke up again though, I know I didn’t mean to but… I guess my body just.. did. I also slept without showering, such a bad feeling. I shouldn’t at least half showered but I was soo sore o.o

I’m actually not very sore this morning. I thought I would be in my legs.. but I’m not o.o What I AM sore in is my left arm.. which is weird.. cause I didn’t use it much yesterday? Like.. my right arm was sore from the toy story and all, but not my left!! So I’m confused @.@ xD It’s so sore I can’t hold up my rice bowl xD

We got Mcdonald’s last night. I tried to go home and eat but I couldn’t bring myself to. Like.. the sleep was getting over me o.o Drank some milk, finished my fries, went to sleep xD (plus those things that happened up there)

I now really do want a Dland pass… cause I dont like being all tired from trying to squish doing everything in one day!! >.<;; So I’ll probably try to get one near christmas time… maybe I can get it from my mommy xD That and I still want my serger >.>

So overall.. still recouperating from yesterday. Think I can get any hw done today? I doubt it xD


Happiest place

Today was …very very fun =3
I have to say.. it consisted of lots of laughs and singing! xD I seriously can’t believe how much he… we… sang o.o Like, people must have thought we were so weird of hated us… And who knew that… …. nvm =3
Best part?

Waffle. Waffle. Coffee? Donut! KOKKKEEEEE~~~ =P

Alright.. I don’t wanna talk much about what happened today, so just some few key main points:

~World of Color = absolute fav, so beautiful, love the flames!
~California Screamin’ ride! Went on that twice! =3 (lovinnn’ xD)
~Omgsh!! The Toy Story Mania 3 ride!! SO fun!! It hurt though xD
~Rock candy… >.>;;
~Space mountain.. I was looking for the control panels xD;;
~FIRST time to go to california Adventures. And First time to disneyland without family!!
~And more rides, more things, and… yea. xD

We HAD to take one of those .. you know, ordinary couple-ly pictures in front of the castle. We’re both so squinty because the sun was right in our eyes o.o And the girl dropped my camera!! RAwr. And im slouching =.= Okay no looking at it anymore. xD I blended in pretty well today too, it’s the grey. I looked like any other asian o.o =.=

Alright.. I’ll say that much about the day. There was much more though =3
Thankies to my no.1 man (crazy hot..  for getting me in.. somehow… xD But I won’t question that anymore… for now! I do have to say that it is the first time a guy has acted on bringing me there (obviously)~ And I didnt even plan it x3

(World of color shot)
(I suppose this is a way to introduce the boyfriend to my blog too! xD )