Archive | October 31, 2010

Merry Halloween


So today was.. decent. You’d assume I would go party at some place with my cosplays… heck… a lot of people thought I dressed up today. It being ‘normal’ to do so. But you know what? I don’t like dressing up today o.o It makes me one of the normal people that do and… honestly… today is just an excuse for girls to dress up slutty and go walking around at night… talk about bait right?

So I stayed home tonight. I worked on my choco love dress, the fabric you see up there is for it =3 smaller version of course. I got the top done and fitted as well as the skirt all nice and pleated. I hop eit turns out nice… I’m just kind of.. winging it. >.<;; That and I got another 3 episodes of Charmed done >.>;;

mmm… morning kind of sucked though. My mom was on a cleaning montage and it was annoying. Cause she started to clean in this room and she was yelling at me to clean but she leaves it halfways and we eat and bai bai to cleaning xDDD Oh well. MY sister cleaned the rest of it basically cause she wanted to go out with her friends tonight. >.< That… didn’t work. Cause she didnt’ go out. Not sure why. Not like my mom said no.

Then my brother believes that me going out to watch over little middle schooler girls will help.. I’m like the same size as them!!! =.=

Anyhow. Time to so some last minute studying. Not sure what I have yet to do this week, but I know it’ll be busy. Tomorrow.. I’ll write out some goals I have for the month. I like going back to them at the end to see if I actually accomplished anything xD

Alright. Hope everyone had a good halloween. Next year… I’ll have a photoshoot! Why? Perfect excuse to do so xD