Mirror mirror on the floor


*turns had sideways* It’s sideways xD
My mom bought me a mirror! Cause it was cheap xD I find it funny how shes giving it to ME though… am I really that narcisstic? Don’t answer that =P I know the answer. Actually she got me it for my sewing work… Hey, at least she’s being supportive right? She still wont stop bothering me about figuring otu what to do after college >.< I honestly don’t know yet, but I do have a general direction? Just gotta find out that job.

Today was a really really productive day!! =DD I’m happy. I woke up pretty late.. probably from sleeping at like.. 2 am. Once again I did the whole.. sleep. wake up. text. sleep xD Such a bad habit…

I woke up and finished the season of Project Runway!! And whole doing that… took me 4 hours to finish! It also took me 4 hours to finish painting completely 5 charms. A present for a friend, and 4 navis. Oh scratch that. 6 charms. Cause I also did a mini azurill =3 More pictures will be up later… I’m kinda lazy to get them right now.

Then afterwards. I filmed a bow tutorial. I dunno how well it turned out though, I just… did it. Need to see if anything in it is useable though…  I’ll do that all tomorrow! >.< That and homework.

Tomorrow is also Halloween. annnd… I don’t believe I am doing anything. xD Should be parting or something right? Nope! I’m good xP
Kinda wish I was though… lol!

Alrighty… mroe to write about. But wont. I’m tired xD


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