nonexistant bruise


So youre thinking “Wth, what is this picture suppose to be?!” It’s actually suppose to be highlighting the bruise I got today from the martial arts room (aka the physics room =P)

So it was pretty good. I mean… I started to learn more TKD and… it’s a bit different than the normal wushu I do. Cause I can make things look flashy, showy, girlie, etc etc. But then it comes to actual usefullness… >.> But I’m getting the hang of it. Half the time today I think I just didn’t want to… try. But in the end I did end up trying xDD;; I mean… its just a kick? And I was a little more determined cause.. hum… somewhere along the line I think I got slightly annoyed. Just slightly. xD;; But boba fixed that up. Oh. And Charmed =3
I got the bruise from holding up the very very heavy padding in which I didn’t know how to first hold it so when the kick came.. my hand recoiled and hit me and the hard edge of the pad and =.= Can you say ouch? So I’ll be complaining about that for a bit… Oh! Talking about complaining…

I haven’t gone shopping in awhile o.o Granted I’m utterly broke.. yet I still always somehow have money to spend on fabric… xD;; So I bought a total of 5 yards worth of non-cosplay fabric! I’ll be making some new dresses.. hopefully they turn out good. Gotta start designing somewhere yea? Which going to Joanns was fun! I mean… yea the lady said there were a bunch of cute asian guys behind me and told me to go stand near them xD I thought that was hilarious. Cause she was.. old-ish looking and.. nto even asian o.o She even said “yea the guy in the black with the longer hair is cute!” I was like /mouth opened I couldn’t believe it xD Not the cuteness. That she was telling me!! xDD;; But it was cute. How she tried to make small talk like that. I didn’t really look at the guys,  I honestly thought they were high schoolers at first xD There were like.. 4 guys waiting to get fabric cut.. seriously?

Oh not to mention I started clay stuff and perfected my design so I can work on it tomorrow! Why? Cause… I can? =D

Time to complain about the boy >.> Apparently he thinks he can steal away my girl crush!! Jessica!! From SNSD… >.> She’s mine. miinnnne. Yea. That’s right. I threw Tae Yang out the door and now its JesSICA <3 hehe. Mind as well have a girl crush right? Not like that’s werid for girls I mean.. if he had a man crush, I’d be kinda weirded out… Then he’s trying to compare foreheads with me… ha..ha… >.> Actually, I’d want him to win in that.. lol!

Kasuki!! Going so close to my school and not telling me.. so not cool! We should hang out! All.. 4 of us! Like.. Knotts? But less awkward… cause. Well you know why. And we haven’t hung out in like forever and no one can replace you =3

Oh! I remmeber what I wanted to write about today… Brains v. Beauty. Something … apparently has been a struggle for some girls. Cause at a young age we want beauty. But at a later age we want brain. Solution? Brain then beauty. =D Like nerd gone beautiful. Because being smart gets … easier o.o then you have more time to look pretty. Other way around? Not really. I mean… beauty just gets harder to maintain… and =.= Yea. So if your in school, your cool? xDD


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